Sentry Page Protection

Owner: Jim and Jean Kranz

Home Port: Charleston, WV, Kanawha River Mile Marker 61.3 LDB

Hull Type: Scow Bow, 20' spoonbill scow, 21'6" mid-body section, stern rake 15'6". 3 water tight compartments.

Hull Material: 5/16" steel on the bow compartment, 1/4" steel mid-body and stern.

Length: 74' Width: 16' Draft: 30"

Paddlewheel: 14' diameter x 8' wide, 16 buckets

Engine: 471 Detroit Diesel

Drive Train: Belt and Chain: 5.9:1 Tonan gear box, Woods coupling between gear box and cog belt. 4" wide cog belt to 120 chain to a 200 final drive chain.

Fuel: 600 gallons Water: 480 gallons

Built by:John N. Fadeley

Built at:Robinson Twp., PA

Year: 1988

Past Names: Donna Rae