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Boat Name: m/v JUANITA

Year: 1954

Owner: Tommy & Lakin Cook

Home Port: Mile 51.1 on the Kanawha River at Dunbar, WV

Hull: Scow bow, steel hull, three compartments, hull was re-plated in 1984 with 1/4" plate. All Hull framing is 'extra heavy'.

Hull Size: 64' x 16.5' x 3.9' Overall: 80' x 16.5' x 3.9'

Paddlewheel: 12' wide x 12' diameter, 12 buckets, 24" dip, 1" oak boards, hexagon shaft

Engine: Detroit Diesel 6-71, naturally aspirated

Drive Train: Twin disc MG 166 reversing gear with 4.5 to 1 ratio. Link belt silent chain drives to 4 7/16" jackshaft with #200 chain to paddlewheel. Most of the machinery (engine, gear, drive train, steering system & paddle) was transfered from the 1st JUANITA.

Steering: Hydraulic steering with two main & two monkey rudders controlled by steering levers instead of a pilotwheel.

Superstructure: One deck, all steel construction, bath and shower area, kitchen & dining area, one bedroom.