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History [1]

The Jenny B was named after Debbie Burden's mother Jenny Beckett. On July 4, 1987 the Jenny B was started in Newark, OH where the running gear and hull was completed and then transported to Shady Lane in Gaysport, OH which is about 40 miles from Newark. In order for the hull to be moved, it had to be disassembled and then reassembled once it reached Shady Lane. The superstructure was assembled in Gaysport. She was launched Memorial Day weekend 1988.

Beverly and Lowell lock and dam were shut down for 2 years due to a major repair. We were stuck for 3 summers on the upper Muskingum River Mile 62.1. January 1991 is when she got her new home for several years at Jim Lents Landing, Lowell, OH.

She sleeps 8 comfortably with 1.5 bath. She has central air and heat and a 12Kw Onan generator. She also has Kahlenberg horns with 5 trumpets and a commerical ice machine.